Wrangler JK Roof Rattle

jk_rattleI wouldn’t call myself meticulous, but I do like to have everything in order on my vehicles. A new rattle doesn’t mean crank up the stereo, I have to find it and fix it. So when the roof on my 2007 Wrangler Soft Top started rattling at highway speeds, I decided it needed some adjustments.

I noticed that there are small rivets used to fasten some of the pivot points and they appeared to have worn and loosened up a bit from lots of use.

Here’s a quick easy way to replace those rivets and fix your roof rattle.

jk_rattleYou’ll Need:
– Two – 3/16″ Diameter x 5/8″ Length Bolts with matching Nuts (Locking Preferred)
– 5/16″ Drill bit and a power drill
– a drop cloth or something to catch drill shavings

I found some cap end bolts with a nice 3 mm hex at a local hardware. No need for washers, as the bracket clamps around the pivot joint.

I would however, recommend either some thread locker or a locking nut to be sure it doesn’t come loose.

Start by raising the front end of the roof. You just want to have it in a position that is comfortable to work and reasonably easy to get to.

Then you will want to put your drop cloth down, or in this case a piece of cardboard. Simple enough, just catching the pieces of metal as we drill.

jk_rattleNow you are ready to start drilling out the head of the rivet. Make sure you are drilling straight, and let the drill bit do the work. It won’t take long before the end of the rivet will start spinning or even make it’s way down the drill bit.

STOP DRILLING! We aren’t trying to ream out the hole that the rivet is in, just want to get the rivet loose.


When you have the end of the rivet drilled off, you will be able to push it through and out the other side. Use the new bolt and gently tap it in through the hole and in turn it will push the rivet out. This way you don’t have to worry about the pieces coming apart on you.

Finally, tighten down the nut. Don’t over tighten it, you want to still be able to open the roof with some ease. Now move on to the next rivet. That’s all there is to it.

For now, the front two were all that was necessary on this particular Jeep, but there are more rivets in the roof that are identical to these.

You may find that you need to work your way back and replace some additional rivets, or that you just want to take care of it now instead of worrying about them failing later. Whatever the case may be, you now know what needs to be done.