Dodge Demon Power Is Not Enough

We always want more. This is a country of more.. More money, more food, more social media followers, MORE–SPEED AND MORE–POWER!

That is why Dodge created the Challenger SRT Demon. An 840-horsepower, wheel lifting, single seat, track ready production car. The SRT Hellcat just wasn’t enough, so the V8 powered SRT Challenger has been beefed up.. or down as the case may be.

You read right, one seat. If you want passengers, you will have to add extra seats as an option. The goal was simple weight reduction. You can also add some small front drag wheels to your purchase and Dodge provides all the tools (provided by Snap-On) that you will need to switch them out when you get to the track.

Those are part of a package that Dodge calls the Demon Crate. A special equipment pack that turns the regular street ride into an all-out drag-strip demolisher. The Crate will include 18 parts that set the car up for the drag strip, including the aforementioned spare wheels, performance parts, track tools and something Dodge calls the “Demon Track Pack System”.

And since we always want more, Hennessey Performance (HPE) is getting ready to squeeze 1,500-horsepower from the already bonkers Dodge Demon. The final package plans are still being finalized, but the talk so far is to add upgraded headers, and to rework the supercharger and engine.

You may have heard that the Demon is “banned by the NHRA”. Well, it may be great for headlines, but it really is true. What they mean is, due to the fact that this monster can run the quarter mile in less than 9.99 seconds, it requires a roll cage to compete in the NHRA sanctioned events and most tracks adhere to that rule as well.

So Hennessey is going to offer a roll cage and a parachute, because if you are going that fast, you are going to want to be able to stop that fast.

The Dodge Demon can already move from a stand-still to 60 mph in a mere 2.3 seconds. It is being touted as the fastest production car on the planet.

Sounds like the Hennessey tuned version should also be offered with wings.