Discontinued Models

2017 will be the last model year for a lot of vehicles. There are various reasons for the exit of these models. Some companies are downsizing or consolidating, but mostly poor sales numbers and lack of interest have caused their demise. It always comes back to the dollar.

Buick Verano

Buick’s entry-level sedan lasted a whole five years. In a market with some tough German competition, the Verano just came across feeling more like the dressed up Chevy Cruze that it was. It turns out that lots of sound deadening and some fake portholes didn’t fool anyone.

buick verano


Chevrolet SS

This one’s a bit more complicated. You see, the SS is based largely on the Holden Commodore, and is also built in Australia. Well, GM has been talking about shutting down Holden since 2013 and so when Holden goes, the SS goes with it. Look at the bright side, not only is the SS an enthusiasts dream, but also will become a collector’s gem. Get one while you still can!

chevrolet ss


Dodge Viper

Oh, the Viper. We’ll miss it, but pretty sure we’ll see it again soon. You can read more about the Viper here.

dodge viper


Honda Accord Coupe

America buys a lot of Honda Accord sedans. America does not buy a lot of Honda Accord two-doors. The Accord is all-new for 2018, but there’s no longer a place for the not-so-sporty and not-so-luxurious two-door. Just not enough interest.

honda accord


Hyundai Azera

Large sedans have it rough, in part because mid-size sedans have enormous interiors for about eight-tenths the price. The Hyundai Azera was a full-size sedan that faded into the background of an already anonymous new car segment. Expect Hyundai to be putting more focus on the crossover market.

hyundai azera


Hyundai Accent Hatchback

For now, fuel prices are not a huge issue and as new engines are designed to use less and less of it, the compact market is in for a change. Watch your backs Ford Fiesta and Kia Rio. You’re likely next.

hyundai accent hatchback


Infiniti QX70

Credit—or blame—the Infiniti QX70 for igniting the segment-busting, sporty-over-practical crossover craze. When it debuted as the Infiniti FX, this five-door boasted impressive performance and not much utility. Today, its spirit will live on in the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe, among others.

infiniti qx70


Jeep Patriot

Jeep decided to focus on a single compact SUV. Compass is a name that is easy to recognize around the globe, so the Patriot name plate is no longer needed.

jeep patriot


Mercedes-Benz B-Class

We bet you didn’t even know the Mercedes-Benz B-Class was sold here. Offered only in select markets as an electric car, the B-Class was something of a place-filler while Mercedes tried to figure out if there was a market for gas-free cars.

mercedes b-class


Mitsubishi Lancer

Maybe, just maybe, Mitsubishi is ahead of the curve on this one. The trend, if you haven’t noticed, is moving toward the crossover market and leaving behind smaller and even some mid-sized sedans. This Japanese automaker is betting its future on crossovers instead of sedans, so it’s dropping the slow-selling Lancer compact.

mitsubishi lancer


Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Simply put.. wrong market. But then, when the car can only travel 60 miles and looks like that, is there a right market?

mitsubishi imiev


Nissan Quest

Nissan’s on-again, off-again Quest has finally bitten the dust, and we doubt anyone will notice. Quests haven’t actually been on dealer lots in ages. Instead, Nissan has been delivering the handful it makes only to rental car fleets.

nissan quest


Volkswagen CC

With its long smooth roofline and stylish interior, the Volkswagen CC is the antidote to bland mid-size sedans. The CC is a goner, but those who want a sporty coupe-like sedan will soon find the VW Arteon in showrooms.

volkswagen cc


If you have an interest in grabbing one of these vehicles in brand new condition, don’t hesitate.
They won’t be around long.